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A Solution to the Healthcare Staffing Challenge

CareForce was created to help reduce prevalent labor waste in the healthcare industry by bringing all available solutions together in a common marketplace.

It simply doesn’t make sense to watch care providers burn-out at one location while others are being called off (or laid-off) due to low census.

We’ve expanded the staffing community so that those needing help can now confidently broadcast requests to multiple resources from ONE location. Shifts are filled more quickly and with greater confidence due to our push technology’, integrative design, and detailed candidate profiles.

CareForce is the ideal solution for staffing from the larger community, or for staffing internally across a healthcare system’s own departments.

CareForce Reduces Cost & Improves Employee Satisfaction

Uncertainty breeds fear. Given healthcare’s changing environment and variable demands, it’s no wonder why the industry experiences such high employee turnover.

Studies show that the uncertainty of one’s own schedule is one of the greatest causes for job dissatisfaction and reasons for leaving a job.

Many organizations will intuitively use CareForce to help fill temporary staffing needs and avoid costly overtime and employee burnout.

However, when times are slow, CareForce also presents employers with the option of helping to fill others’ needs by temporarily contracting interested employees to other entities. Keep staff engaged and make money doing it!

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